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02 is released

A blog for swing life style is released as a support blog for the biggest romanian swing dating site
Date : 2010-02-02

22 is started

We have started working on our jobs site :
Date : 2009-10-22

22 finished !

Today we have finished the customisation of a new blog dedicated to politic and social issues :
Date : 2009-09-22

25 is started

We have started working on our tourism portal : We plan to make a large enciclopedia about Romania on this portal, with articles, photos, and videos with the most important places in our country.
Date : 2009-08-25

26 is finished !

One of our most ambitious project is finished. We will build a big database of free audiobooks on this website. If you want to be a volunteer, please visit the site and join.
Date : 2009-07-26

28 is released.

Today we launch a new and revolutionary idea of site. is a site where all posts from the member forums appear. The visitor can stay informed with what was posted on all forums, just by reading a site.
Date : 2007-05-28


Our new company site was launched

We are happy to announce our new site, lanched today 18 of May.

As a new thig, our company will launch a francise regarding sites on web. More informations you can see in the "Francise" section
Date : 2007-05-18


Our networks grows more than 50 sites !

Today we are proud to announce that our network of sites has grown and now we number more than 50 sites in our portfolio.
We are reffering to the sites that we own, not the number of sites we made so far for our customers.
Date : 2007-04-16


Our company was open

We have opened our company
Date : 2003-01-05

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